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Minimum price to convince you to start to work...


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I was thinking about this looking at the Buyers Requests. Well, my minimum price is for sure $50 USD.

I won't work for less, considering my skills and my talent.

Of course there are cases where other providers work for $5 USD, I can accept this, but only if you deliver an half-made job, or a demo, to be later improved by the one who buys the product. In this case it's ok, otherwise nobody should work for less than $50 USD.

Your thoughts?


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$5, of course, it's called "Fiverr"! 😉

But seriously, while none of my directly orderable Gigs start with $5 (any more, I kept it up for quite a while, just for the fun of $5/Fiverr, but eventually told myself to put the basic Gig's price at one I'd be at least kind of okay to spend time on a support ticket if needed for whatever reason), I don't have any chip on my shoulder if someone needs work done that I'm happy to do for $5 (-20% - conversion fee - tax, etc.) - which usually will be an already existing client, though, or once I'm sure that I'm happy to do it for $5 after inbox conversation, no buyer requests - unless they'd be super precise with what the job entails, which unfortunately almost never is the case.

You need to account for many sellers actually being able to deliver finished, even polished work for $5, depending on their niche. If someone literally just needs a sentence or two translated, I won't charge them $50, and will give it just as much attention as a $50 or $500 order. It all depends.

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