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Milestones Order - 8 vs 3 Days Review Time


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On the same page of the Delivery Page, it says the buyer has 8 days to review the delivery in one place, and 3 days in another place, maybe someone can fix that.


I'm also finding it extremely irritating that after delivery of the 1st of 4 Milestones, the whole Milestone order completely disappeared from the Active Orders and only shows, with the amount of the 1st Milestone, under "Awaiting Response". There should be some "remnant" of that order with the still open Milestones and delivery dates up there with the Active Orders, to "keep it on the radar", even if it's technically not an active order before the buyer will start the next Milestone, all the more if the buyer might take their 8 days to review, you need to schedule for the next Milestones in any case, after all.

Milestones 8 or 3 days.png

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