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Repeat buyer is broken


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I had a customer, nice guy. He ordered my gigs too many times. And couple weeks ago something happened.


-Hi, can you fix white spots on previous image?

-Yep, what image?

-Can you fix those white spots?

-Yes, i can, but i don't understand what exact image. Because in your last order there were 5 images.

-Can you fix white spots?

-Yes, but what is the image?

-Can you fix these white dots on this image, or not?

-Yes. Can you attach image, please.

-Please fix white blemishes.

-Can you please attach image?

-Can you, or not?

-Yes i can.

-When will i recieve image without white spots?

-Can you please tell me what image do you mean?

-There are white spots, i need them to be improved.

-I understood that, but what image are you talking. Can you attach it...

-"attaching portrait image, that i have never done before, and i actually see it for the first time, it is without any white dots, pots, blemishes, almost perfect portrait"

-Ok, but i never worked with this image, maybe you ordered someone else gig?

-Can you fix white spots, because i paid already for this image?

-I never worked witht this image before. Maybe it was somebody else...

-Oh, i'm sorry, you are right.

/////weeek later/////

-Can you fix white spots?

-What white spots?

"sending the same image"

-I can, but i do not see any white spots or blemishes on this image... Can you make screenshot and put crosses where are white spots are you talking about?

"sending me the same image with drawn crosses, in absoulutely random places, where is noting looking like white spots"

-I'm sorry i don't understand.

-Can it be fixed?

-I really don't understand...

-If it is not possible - it is okay

-Hm. Okay, it's not possible...

////weeek later////

-Hi, what's about white blemishes here? I need to fix it fast.

-I'm sorry, but on your image there are no any white blemishes.

-When i'm printing it there are white spots.

-Can you show it to me?

-Can you fix it?

-I don't understand what to fix

-Fix white spots.

-What white spots?

-When i'm printing it there are white spots, i don't like it.

-Show me your print please.

-"attaching previous image where is 0 white spots"





I don't know what to do... Block him?

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  • toner2d changed the title to Repeat buyer is broken

Sorry to laugh, but ... 😂

He says it's only when he prints the image that the white spots appear.  Printer issue, probably ...

Or his screen needs cleaning (or mending)

Or his glasses need a wash.

Hope you track down the issue - charge him a consultation fee!


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Don't block him, maybe later he will order some services again, but now I guess you should explain him that there are definitely some issue with his printer, or photo paper. If he keeps asking you, just say that you can't fix a problem, that doesn't exists

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Sorry that I don't have anything more helpful to contribute, but maybe the song helps you to keep your cool and see the funny side when he messages next time. I hope the buyer can be fixed 👩‍🔧 in any case 🙂 


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