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What to do with the kids over summer


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It's been a weird few years with Covid wrecking everything - and children in my area were out of school for so long they all turned feral and were just getting back to normal when summer vacation hit.

I have a 9 year old, and I wanted her to have a project to work on over the summer. We spent the first month writing a script for a horror film, and now we are getting ready to film it over 3 days. It gave me a lot of work writing the soundtrack, teaching her about lighting and cameras, and we even edited together some short trailers to get friends and family excited about it. We found a creepy doll next to the dumpster, and wanted to keep it on the cheap so we decided to use what we had available - the doll, and my apartment - as the main focus of our script writing. It's not bloody, most of the horror is implied rather than shown. The worst of it is finding cat fur everywhere and then realizing that one of the cats is missing...

Anyways I think it's a great learning experience for her and maybe she will grow up to be one of those weird theatre kids! And if we do a good job of it then next year we will think about doing something bigger.


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Ohhhhhhhh, that sounds like fun!! 

In Japan dolls are often times used in horror/ghost stories too, in fact there is a famous ( or infamous?) Japanese doll named Kiku, I think you can go see her in a temple somewhere, and if I remember it correctly her hair started to grow after her owner died...or it still is growing?? I hope sweet little Marianne's hair stays the same.
Will we be able to watch the movie on youtube or somewhere? 😁

3 hours ago, precords1275 said:

The worst of it is finding cat fur everywhere

I have 4 cats at home, and finding cat fur everywhere alone ( and I mean everywhere) could be a horror movie.

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9 minutes ago, uk_webcreations said:

I'd send her to Bangladesh

Did a random Google search,I don't know where in Bangladesh this is, but looks beautiful!!

HOWEVER...because i read your post about the scary movie, I was picturing your future daughter ( as a great film maker) filming something spooky in this location.
I mean, look at those things growing in the water, it's beautiful under the sun but they can turn into something else when it gets dark....

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That's awesome. I love when parents get their kids involved doing fun stuff like this. Very creative! I'm a horror fan myself, and implied horror is the best horror. And of course you want it to be fairly kid friendly - haha. 

If I had kids (got 0,5, so in september there's no more sleep for me) I would probably send him to his grandma so I can get some peace. :classic_laugh:

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On 8/14/2021 at 2:06 PM, smashradio said:

I love when parents get their kids involved doing fun stuff like this.

I can't handle hearing "I'm bored" or "there's nothing to eat" any longer!


Filming starts tomorrow, and even though we scheduled it weeks ago I'm scheduled a rainstorm which will definitely add to the atmosphere of the outside scenes (of which there is only 1...)


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