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Not promotable (Unqualified) Gig Problem with level 2 seller


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Hi, I'm a level 2 seller having a problem with the promotable gig feature on Fiverr.

I had 3 gig on promotion that suddenly got a orange mark and got a "Not promotable (Unqualified) "  status. All the others that I have were shadow banned I think, they simply went to the last page in every category and keyword. I had 3 very near cancellation near then but now they are gone because the 60 days for cancelation to delete himself has passed. I attach my current analitics. All 100%.

Finally after about 60 days in this situation I received a notification from Fiverr: all my gigs were promoted and I saw that all the others were back on Fiverr Search. This lasted about 24 hours (you can see the spike on the last day analitica) then they returned Not promotable (Unqualified). 

What do I have to do? I bought 2 courses on Fiverr and probably these lead to the first attempt to return on search result. This is the second time this happen. Do you have any advice? Let me know 🙂

Immagine 2021-08-13 152217.png

Immagine 2021-08-13 152550.png

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