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6 hours ago, cuklev said:

Hello guys , can someone help me to improve my gig if something it's not good to tell me to change https://www.fiverr.com/cuklev/design-beautiful-instagram-posts i want to improve every single day for a little bit 

Hi, I'm a newcomer too to this field. I already checked your gigs and I found some mistakes in your gig image selection and dimensions. In your gig of image retouching, I saw the two images you used that booth side have gone inside.

You can see the gigs to get some ideas. https://www.fiverr.com/share/2WYrL8

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These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will design beautiful instagram posts
Maybe use more than one search tag.
The gig thumbnail says "Get 10% off on all books" - maybe make it more obvious from the gig thumbnail that you design instagram posts - you could check the kind of things the other gigs in that subcategory say in their gig image (without copying).

In the profile:
"I have retouching images and changing background on Photoshop 3 years ." could be "I have been retouching images and changing the background in Photoshop for 3 years."
"hestitate" could be "hesitate"
In the skills section:
"photo retouchin" could be "photo retouching"
"translationist" could be "translation"

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Hello, Mite,

I looked at your profile. The first thing I noticed is that most of your thumbnails do not say what your service is. To attract buyers, you should state in 3 or 4 words what your services are. For example, Remove or Change Background, Translate Macedonian to English, Quality, Affordable Image Retouching, Beautiful Instagram Posts, and so on. 

When I first looked at your Instagram gig, I thought you were offering to edit something faster. But I had no idea what you were editing. 



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