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I Feel cheated by Fiverr on a delivered but canceled order


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This is just not right, A new buyer with no reviews or previous buys placed and order, I did the work, sent him samples, he said he likes them but needed a few changes which I did.

Soon after delivering he tells me he can not accept the work simply because he has had a divided feeling  about it (He states poor quality as reason to cancel), but I declined

I ask him what exactly is wrong with the work then he sends another cancel request stating  (seller cannot do this job). i declined again

After I contacted support, they told me to keep engaging the buyer until we reach an agreement, but strange at the the and time they canceled my order and refunded the buyer, but my support ticket is still open and Fiverr is asking to me to update them about the progress of my disputed order. I just don't  get this


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The buyer probably contacted customer support and talked to a different representative. If they feel that the buyer is in the right there's little you can do. You can update Fiverr on what happened, and ask them why they felt this order should be cancelled (explain that you want to use the information to improve in the future etc.) and hopefully they can give you some insight into why Support agreed with the buyer on this one. 

Unfortunately, you will get bad buyers from time to time. It's unavoidable. I've had my fair share of strange and stupid buyers over the years, both on Fiverr and working in the retail industry when I was younger. You can't avoid bad clients forever. 

So I would just take this as a learning experience: why did the buyer feel dissatisfied with the delivery? Did they give you any clues as to what you could improve? How do you feel that you handled the customer experience? Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. If you got this delivery, and the person on the other end acted as you have; how would you feel? 

These are all things you can use to improve in the future, so take it with your back straight and you'll be ok. 

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