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How can i change the content of PACKAGES


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How can i change the Content of packages?

I want to change the "Presentation Slides, Spreadsheet, Training Session". These are not relevant. i want to replace these. 

is it possible? if yes, then how?

Please Help!



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That gig you've screenshotted is showing different fields because it's in a different subcategory to yours (it seems to be in Business->Financial Consulting->Analysis, Valuation & Optimization whereas yours is in the Financial Forecasting & Modelling subcategory). So you could try changing your gig subcategory to the same one as that gig if you wanted it to have the same fields.

Different subcategories have different fields. Also if you removed the checkbox from every package in a particular field maybe that wouldn't display that field on the public view of your gig (though I'm not 100% sure).

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