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My order problem anybody help me?


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54 minutes ago, smashradio said:

I suggest you read through some of the guides already on the forum. Then, if you feel there's anything specific you don't understand, feel free to ask 🙂

Here are some guides to get you started: 





Thank you very much.
But you said I know all about hiden feedback. I tried to make each of my clients 100% satisfied and they were satisfied with my work. But later, if they secretly give bad feedback, I can't do anything.

And I stay online long enough. But no order comes which feels very bad. I have not received any order over 2 months.

I have always been developing skills.

It would have been much better if you had bothered to visit my profile.

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8 minutes ago, dev_farah said:

send buyer requests

Most of the work came from buyer requests. But now the buyer's request is not coming in the right way due to a problem. I must send buyer requests for the jobs that I can do 100%.
 thank you,  and any other premium suggestion?

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