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How to keep good customer service and win their heart (from my experience)


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  1. Always be available for them (stay online or fiverr app ).



  2. Be flexible when you decide prices and don’t refuse their requests for less price if it is fair enough.



  3. You can complete all the tasks in a very basic way… Yeah they’ll say ok…But do them in a greatest way though they expected or not and make them love for your product and even you.



  4. Don’t make them to feel any doubt during the order. Respond as quickly as you can for their questions.



  5. Try to send some proofs of the tasks completion to your buyers in the middle of the order though they ask or not like snapshots, videos or at least a message.



  6. Happy to make them clarify for anything that you are going to give them.



  7. Though this is money oriented, we don’t need to always focus on that and think I’m a seller and he is my buyer nothing more than that. What i need is to get the order and deliver something for the sake of delivery and earn some money. I say noooooooooooooooo… All are humans…your buyer may be a coolest guy for you at any given time. So be friendly as much as you can don’t be a rude one.



  8. if it is not a big deal just willingly help them for their small issues and don’t ask ok give 5 dollar.



  9. it may be related to your gig but just don’t accept something if you have any doubts or less confidence of make that 100%. Never do that. Just let it go even if it worth 1000 dollars.but at the same time go and learn about those stuff that you are having less confidence and prepare your self to accept it in future.



  10. cooperate with other sellers specially in your category because it is not always a competition and you can perform well together by keeping good mutual understanding.



  11. they may first agree to less price than you expected or they may bargain to reduce it ,may tell there are another sellers who willing to do the same thing for less. Okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Accept it.do your best best best and best way that your buyer will never expected



  12. don’t greed about the short term profit think in long term benefits.



  13. don’t forget them after you finish the order. Just say hi when you have time.




    ******what i got from this and you will



  14. once someone came to you he will never go for anyone to get his work done. At least they will ask ‘’ hey dude can you just do that for me ‘’ before they ask from anyone else because they love the way you are and they have so much confidence on you.



  15. Since your buyer is frequently updating by you because of this frequent interaction your final product will be the exact thing they wanted or even better and you can keep the track for any deviation in the right track.



  16. Related to point (11) when they see that most of the time they will give you more than expected.



  17. I even got bonus from them



  18. People are connected right. They have so many networks. So when your name comes to someone’s mind if he is happy to remind about you, do you think that he won’t tell about you for the people he knows. Won’t he recommend you for others. When one of his friends come to him and “hey i need to get this done in a great quality , soon , for a reasonable price …do you know someone who is suitable???” what will be the answer …??? Don’t you want to fill the space by putting your name there…??? Be the person who they love to deal with.



  19. All your buyers will love to rate you. You want ever get a negative feedback




    i hope so these will be helpful for specially new sellers , those who are struggling to promote their gigs etc…




    If you have anything more than this by your own experience i like to hear them tooo. Comment below…




    Wish you a happy fiverr life…by Peck_Conyon - see more at:

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Smart move, peck_conyon, listening to kjblynx.

YOU are obviously a NEWBIE… so you don’t know that she’s one of the MOST RESPECTED of the 3 MILLION Sellers on Fiverr.


If I were you, I’d get on my knees and beg for her forgiveness. No… really!

(And by the way, I am a BIG Buyer… and I would NOT buy from any IDIOT who posted in FULL CAPS! So kjblynx just SAVED YOUR BUTT!)

😮 😮

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Thanks for the nice tips…

I have to admit, that being respectful and willing to listen to clients will make you go a long way… 🙂

And dealing in a friendly manner is also a key…, while helping them when they have a doubt… Never argue but deal with it in a friendlier way…

These are the key things that help me, when I work with clients (online or face to face)…

This is the first time I am earning using an online site… 🙂 And all these tips given in the forum are really helpful…

Thank you & Best of Luck to all =D> 🙂


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Reply to @kjblynx: 🙂

I can see you blushing from here (1000 miles away!). 😉

But it is NOT an exaggeration to say that you are “one of the most respected” people here!

When you receive a compliment like this, simply say “Thank you”… and take your bow.

[warm smile]

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