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i am the new seler of fiverr.. i have done 10 projects..my last orderis draw to vector portrait.. i have finished the on time and deliver to the buyer..after he open despute for me saying like that "seller has not deliver what I asked from he", but i am shure he is lying and also he is not filled buyer requirement field on the order page..he asked from me vector portrait..

however he open despute for me to cansal the order and i have approved that..after that my order completon is going to low 86%... i saw in dashbord the rate should be more than 90% and my next evaluation is august 15(only 4 days remaining).  **What happened in the evaluation if my order complition rate is 86%..**


i have 5 star ratings for all other orders and i have do those perfectly.. i am trust seller for all of them.. i am really give attention with my orders..


i asked about all of the experts in fiverr...

what happened if i have 86% precentage on the order completion when the evaluation

what can id do fo that

i don't have to enough time to get order and complete before the evaluatio date1253594008_Screenshot(117).thumb.png.12fb1916d0aaa239c1330197015fc900.png

Screenshot (118).png

Screenshot (119).png

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