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The secret to getting more sales quickly

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On 8/11/2021 at 4:01 AM, smashradio said:


As a Top Rated Seller, I get a fair amount of orders in a day. But no matter if you're a new seller, level 1, level 2 or even a TRS, mastering the Fiverr algorithm is key to your success. 

I've had the chance to join the Seller Plus program here on Fiverr, and by doing so, I got a few of my suspicions confirmed about ranking on Fiverr. 

The information was no surprise at all, but I'm sharing this with you because I'm sick and tired of reading all the bad advice on the forum (like staying online 24/7 and spamming social media). 

So what's the secret to getting more sales quickly? 

Make your buyers happy!

Yes, it's that "easy". 

Ok, let me explain: 

Fiverr has two very different review systems. One is open to the public, and you know this as the star rating. It's the feedback you get to read and respond to. 

The other is the hidden, "secret" review that your buyers leave after completing an order. This secret feedback can make a lot of difference. Through Fiverr Plus, I got some insight into this with my Success Manager. 

I was told that my "secret" feedback had been very positive and even improved in the past few months. 

This isn't by accident. 

I've always tried to over-deliver a bit on most orders, like giving an extra take for voice-overs or giving recommendations on top of my translations etc. 

This summer, I've decided to up my game even more. 

Maybe I'll do some tedious editing that the client didn't include in their order, like syncing to a 1-minute video (something that I usually charge for), or just improving their script for free without them having to ask for it. 

Small things that take me 5 minutes but can make all the difference for the client. 

And guess what: I nearly doubled my revenue in the past month, too! And in August, I'm beating my record again, after hitting record revenue in July. 

Satisfaction up, orders up. 

I wasn't aware that my buyer satisfaction wasn't as good as possible until my chat with the success manager. I did receive a lot of five-star reviews, after all. 

But when your buyer is told to leave feedback that you'll never see, they tend to be more honest. Perhaps a bit more demanding.

If the buyer just got the wow-factor handed to them, they are way more likely to give you positive, secret feedback. 

You need to deliver high-quality work for this to be effective. A buyer won't leave a positive review and secret feedback if you send them two crappy logos instead of one. 

But by knowing how important this secret feedback is to your ranking, to what badges you're getting, you can up your game and see real improvement to your business here on Fiverr!

Obviously, making your buyers happy is also important to get repeat clients, which is another important thing Fiverr has begun to focus on a lot lately. 

So stop doing the same old thing. Stop being online 24/7. Stop spamming social media. And start making your buyers happy, every single time! All it takes is hard work, dedication, and talent. 

Ok, so it's not as "easy" as I said at the beginning. Surprise, surprise, it does take actual hard work to succeed! So get your working hat on, and make your buyers happy! 



It's really blessing for the newcomers, Thank you

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4 hours ago, uk1000 said:

I assume that's search tags. It was showing 3 search tags on your gig, but now it's showing 4, when most gigs seem to show 5 there. If you entered all 5 maybe there's some bug somewhere that's stopping the 5th being shown in the "Related Tags" section or it's intentionally not showing the 5th for some reason. I don't know whether the 5th not showing there would affect the searches in Fiverr, but it might affect searches in Google if all 5 aren't part of the web page. Customer support might now if there's a problem with it.

Thank you.

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