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Irrelevent to marketplace - Gig denied aftere 3 years and 450+ 5 stars review while every other samilar gig is fine.


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3 months ago my main gig (95% of the orders came from this gig) was denied by fiverr because it is 'irrelevent to the marketplace'. I spent 3 years on this gig and accumulated 450+ 5 stars review (only 4 are 4 star reviews and no 3,2 or 1 star review). I was earning $6000 to $7000 a month but then suddenly fiverr denied the gig saying it is irrelevent to the marketplace. How come this be? while other offering same service are still providing this exact same programming service without any issue. 

There are Top Rated seller and Fiverr's Choice gigs too much are picked by fiverr's staff, if they are fine then why i can't provide that exact same service?

Can anyone help me?


Best Regards,


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