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I feel like my gigs are great! Can you tell me whats wrong?

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In my opinion, although your gigs are unique, they probably are of interest to a limited market. Now some people find a niche market where there is a need for whatever service or product they offer, and they do really well. But for some of your gigs, the market is not only narrow, but there are lots of other ways people can fulfill those needs. I’m thinking of your golf gigs, which maybe have the widest appeal. Avid golfers usually can easily find all the magazines and articles on golf they could want; they often use golf pros at the courses or country clubs they typically use, and in the US at least, golf shops are pretty much everywhere. But if all your gigs were golf-focused, you might build a base of regular customers who will come to you for a variety of golf needs. And then pass the word to others.

The rest of your gigs are really all over the place! And that may deter some buyers, who would rather buy tech support from someone with a range of tech-related gigs demonstrating a solid tech background, or a photo manipulation gig from someone whose other gigs are also graphics-related. I guess what I’m saying is that you come across as a “jack of all trades, master of none”.

And I don’t really “get” the “be your token British friend on FB”. I’ve never set foot in Britain but I have several British friends I’ve know for years, long before we all ended up on FB. And believe me, I have a small number of FB friends compared to many! So I don’t see that having an online friend from a different country has any special appeal, not in the 21st century~! But, again, this is all just my opinion.

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Hi Lewis,

I looked at your gigs and I have to agree and a little disagree with celticmoon. First of all, the advice he or she is given is very honest and valuable. Read it, think about it, let it sink in, and then take action.

I understand that you have build your gigs to offer a lot of services, “jack of all trades, master of nothing” but may be that’s who you are and have fun with. See I have a lot off different gigs, you could call me JOATMON, but I have been this way all my life and I love it. The difference I see is, that, when you look at my gigs for instance, cyber security, I have real knowledge behind it and its my money machine, I sell my knowledge and experience-customized projects. I can see you do that with your speech therapy gig, you have a Masters and look what feedback you got from your first customer; "Choice, I really connected with what you listened to and evaluated, I have to say am happily surprised by the personalized video, it was an impressive delivery time as well. A really top notch, nice gig * * * * *

Another example, I have a graphic design gig and its not a “newly discovered talent of mine” (that’s what you wrote on your timeline, not very appealing). I teamed up with a senior graphic designer and offer really good quality work , again, the key is custom projects. This was my last customers comment:"A hidden gem on Fiverr! Original designs this caliber belongs in a pricey design firm."

I have a spokesperson gig and all of my customers are Germans.

SO what I am saying is, take the golf and the speech therapy gig to the next level, I can see you offering very neat customized gig’s with that, just like I do. Ditch the design ones, there just background noise and distract from your real talent.

Just my 2 cents.

Best of luck and much success!


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lewiswjackson said: I just feel like I should be getting lots of sales! I use social media to promote, I optimize my categories, titles, description, everything! But I'm not getting sales!

For a newbie, you have too many gigs ... and too many unrelated gigs.


What are You?

- A golf expert?

- A speech therapist?

- A tech support?

- A Photoshop guru?


You are all over the map. As a newbie you need to build confidence and trust in Buyers. You do that with one or two related and focused gigs. Build up a following.


Your gig descriptions are lacking in detail and salesmanship.


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