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How do i add Gig Extra to milestone Orders???



Hello Everyone,

I just had a quick question over. One my Buyers told me to send her a Milestone order. So i send an offer with 2 milestones. I have completed the first milestone. Now she wants some extra work to be done. So for that she wants me to send the additional cost. So how do i send that extra? She has not started the 2nd milestone. Kindly help me. Thanks

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If it's not possible to add an Extra from within the order page of a Milestone order, I could see two option: contact Customer Support and ask them, or create a new custom order that specifically reverences the Milestone order (including the order number) and very specifically details exactly what additional work is to be done.

Main Fiverr article on Milestones for anyone who stumbles on this topic: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010560178-Working-with-Milestones

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