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Is my Gig unique and will sell?


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I created an account on Fiverr a few months back but never took it serious to make money from it.

Now I am getting serious, so I just posted a gig here:


I would like to hear from you friends about that gig.

Is that unique enough to sell here?

And also if there is any mistake you find in it, please mention.

I would love to hear from all gurus and experts.



Sheriff’s Note: Moved.

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Reply to @bestinmarket: well what i do is that I own art blogs and I would advertise my work in my own blog, i also post my fiverr link on my personal facebook page and I had many requests from my friends and it gets family friends talking about my work. so that is one method.

another thing if you are very desperate is that there are some gigs in fiverr where you pay for them to post your link on their social media pages.

i don’t think there are much methods more powerful than social media, so i would stick on advertising through social media.

also when posting on social media i would recomend not just posting the link but post your artwork because it drags people’s attention.

before i got my sales i used to give free drawings for my friends and tell them to post the drawing on their social media pages and put the link to my gig on the side. i probably made like 8 free drawings before making my first sale on fiverr.

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