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Got $10 Tip😢


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Let me get this straight: you're sad because you got a 10 dollar tip? I imagine it's the four star rating that bothers you. Don't let it. 

It's no big deal to get a four star review anymore. Think about all the businesses out there who have plenty of four star reviews on Google, but still gets business. Instead of sweating over the rating, think about what the buyer said in their review. Go back and analyze your performance, communication, service and delivery. What could you improve upon in future deliveries? That's what's important. Use the experience to get better, rather than worrying so much about the rating itself. I once got a one-star (!) review from some idiot who wanted me to work for free, and got pissed at me when I stood my ground. I took the review and moved on. I'm a TRS, and that review certainly didn't stop me. 

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8 minutes ago, samiaislam26 said:

those review things also bother me as I am a new seller and I feel review matters at least for now. But don't be dishearten. Keep working hard and definitely you will get something better !!

Reviews matter for perception and ranking (maintaining a good rating is important for leveling up), but a four-star review isn't the end of the world, like many people think it is. What's important is to learn from the less-than-stellar reviews, to improve your offering in the future. :) 

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2 hours ago, shahariar75 said:

unfortunately he left me a 4 star rating. 

Tips to ensure great ratings and reviews 

  1. Communicate with your buyer clearly and concisely from the very beginning of the order, after delivery, and until fully completed and delivered.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Gaining clarity not only improves your service but ensures that the buyer understands what they will receive and that they will be satisfied.
  2. Thoroughly describe your service on your Gig page by: 
  • Making sure that your title is clear.
  • Making sure that your description explains the service you provide in great detail. 
  • Depending on the type of service you provide, it might also be necessary to clarify what you don’t do or offer within the Gig’s scope.
  • Use the frequently asked questions (FAQs) section. Equip yourself and provide answers to the most common issues and concerns raised.
  • Reply to your buyers’ reviews. A two-way conversation can make a big difference in the long run, with the most successful responses to negative reviews demonstrating that the most optimal way to rectify the situation is simply to apologize. 
  • Remember that your responses are visible to other potential buyers. Take this into consideration in the way you respond to each and every buyer's review, good or bad.
  • The above is from the Help Centre.
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