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Hi!! My name's Sophia and I'm new to Fiverr. I've always had an interest in fashion and helping style people, and picking out clothes or decor for people. I decided to join Fiverr so that I could share this hobby with other people, and potentially help people style themselves. I'd really appreciate if you guys could check out my profile and consider purchasing sometime 🙂 I am flexible with pricing, and am open to any custom orders/requests. Thank you!!

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I often use the services of a stylist to find a cool outfit for an important event or celebration. Also, I do a complete closet overhaul every six months to get rid of old and irrelevant clothes. I want to make a capsule collection of clothes for each season. My stylist will help me with this. I also want to add to my collection of dresses. I often face the problem of not having a choice of dresses for formal events or parties. I have several white party dresses which I ordered from an online store. For me, dresses are a very feminine element of my closet. They make me feel great.

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