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Which Image Size Should I Use For My GIG Images


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Fiverr gig image size should be 550 pixels by 370 pixels (minimum) as per Fiverr recommendations.  

But if you use the minimum size, it would be blurry. 

So as per my recommendation, please use 2750 pixels by 1850 pixels. It's 5 times larger than the minimum size. So remember to multiply the font size 5 times as well. It means, if you use 12pt font size, now use 60pt font size. 

I hope it helps. 


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I'm pretty sure the OP knows the minimum requirements for gig photos, that's not what they are asking. To make a good looking gig image, take the minimum requirements (550x370) and multiply them. I use 1080 x 726 px size image and it looks pretty sharp when previewing the gig.

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Mine are 1100x720 px (which is twice as big as a recommended size). You can probably triple it, too. I haven't tried.

You have to consider redesigning the preview pics if they look unreadable at 550x370 px, however. It’s a recommended size, most buyers will see the image at 550x370 px or smaller as they keep scrolling. 

Try using .PNG format (if you don’t use it already).

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  1. Recommended image size
    1280 x 769 px, with a minimum of 712 x 430 and a maximum of 4000 x 2416 px (at 72 DPI).
  2. Resizing images
    If you’re using a Mac, use Preview. On Windows, use Photo Gallery. Other free tools are available online. 
  3. Image quality
    Use sharp and clear images. Avoid pixelated, blurry, stretched, or “squashed” images. Use high-resolution, eye-catching images that stand out to potential buyers.
  4. Number of images per Gig
    You can upload up to 3 images—so make them count! If you’d like to combine photo and text, remember that less is more. Keep it simple.
  5. Image usage and commercial rights
    Only use images that you have the consent to use. If you plan to use images for commercial purposes, make sure you have the rights. 
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