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Fiverr account is not ranking. why?


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Mods can we please please please remove all those posts like this one from “tips for sellers” category? 

this category is for giving tips, not for self promotion, not for asking for gig improvements, not for celebrations of 4th order. 
can we please clean up a forum a bit? 
I reported so many posts being in wrong categories and so many I didn’t even bother to touch. 
The forum is a mess. 

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I have seen some sellers of my same niche getting many orders while I am not.
I figure out that my ranking become low.
So, solutions that helped me:

1. Use gig promotion
Since fiverr has lauched this new feature, many people are using it that's why we are ranking low.
I am now using it and getting very good results.

2. Buyer Requests
When you are not getting organic orders, the only survival way is to use buyer requests.

3. Promote your gig outside fiverr.
On social media platforms with same niche.

TIP: Make a habit of using analytics to keep yourself in right direction. 

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