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At the end of the day, your primary goal as a freelancer is to earn money. Anything you do like making a wonderful gig, providing excellent customer service is to make money. Now ask yourself, does getting fake impressions (or gig visits) earn you any money? It does not, right?

If you can find a hub of your target customers from the social media, it is fruitful to subtly present your gig to them there because they can make orders. But exchanging fake visit does not help your cause. What is the use of getting 25k visits a day if you do not get any order from them? 

Another note, having too much impressions/gig visits and not getting enough order reduce your conversion rate (this metric is shown in fiverr app). It means that buyers are not interested to purchase from you after they see your gig. Fiverr is a business for profit and if your gig does not generate enough order from so much visits/impressions...................well, I will keep it there for you to fill in the blanks.

These are all my assumptions. Nothing is concrete. Just thought for mind. You are always the one to make your own decisions and strategies.

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Ok, when the impressions are down, it's time to solve yourself the problem. As example, this is what I do. In your Fiverr Dashboard, should be a section named "Scale your Business". Ok. in that section there is your answer.

You can read there "Boost the traffic to your Gigs by embedding this seller badge on your website or blog."

So you can target your Fiverr profile FROM your Homepage or Weblog. As example I've got a Music Blog with >2000 posts. The opposite, I mean from Fiverr to your Blog is not permitted. Don't forget this. That's why I'm not posting my Weblog link here.


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