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How can buyers face no consequences if the behave incorrectly?

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Long story short: Returning buyer orders without PM first, provides inaccurate or none description to the gig as well as low quality files. Communication is vague and uninterested about having a good workflow with the seller. After several deliveries, more revisions than the ones permitted and no given info on how to meet the desired outcome buyer requests cancellation, stating I can't do the gig.

As a seller, one tries to focus on working things out and make the best out of it. Sometimes this is not enough and the buyer requests to cancel order after the seller spent working hours on the project for nothing, Gig get canceled, money goes back to the buyer with no consequences whatsoever, 
It is not the first time that a buyer behave this way with some general disregard about putting effort in explaining what they want or providing accurate info or decent requirement files
I understand its up to the seller to decide to stop going through with the order or to even begin with it, on the other hand the reality is that seller want to be good communicators and try to be nice and accommodating, to get good reviews and ultimately to earn some money. 
This means that the seller - client relationship is rarely on the same level. Most importantly if sellers behave incorrectly they faces a number of (fair) consequences while clients can freely keep do whatever they want. As a seller I feel I need some kind of protection from these issues on the platform I work on.
For instance now I can’t even put a negative review for this last gig that got canceled by resolution center, I lost days after a client for a 30$ job and nobody will know of my experience with him. And he will keep playing sellers this way.
I don’t even care too much about those 30$ he owes me, I care about all the working hours I lost because of him, thats why I think some follow up on behaviours like these should be part of Fiverr's policy.
I hope some of you will relate to this. I'm exhausted of having to deal with these kind of people.
The question is: WiLL FIVERR SOLVE THIS?
Below parts of the conversation with this customer (returning customer btw, 3rd order with me) and finally a few other people who had the same experience with this buyer which will suffer NO CONSEQUENCE for stealing sellers valuable time
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It seems to me like they don't even know what they truly want, as like you said the provided answers were quite short and impossible to understand.

However, were these reviews posted after you started the order with that person, or were they present on the profile already? I usually check a potential client's page in case there are any negative reviews, because that would be a big fat warning for me.

I can't say if the CS will take any action... even if you worked hard on this and lost the money due to the order cancellation, the buyer was not satisfied and thus there isn't much you can do about that unfortunately. Did you message the CS and did they get back to you?

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