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Hello everyone!

I'm facing an issue with my fiver gigs. I remain online from my pc and mobile. When I search for my gig and click it, it shows online with green dot. BUT whenever I select for ONLINE SELLER FILTER from my another browser, my gigs don't show there. It means buyers are not seeing me online. Please tell me the solution of this problem. 


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Because It takes time to show you. It happens also to me. If you active for 10-20 minutes. I think it'll be seen and reload fiverr after every 5 minutes without refresher. Hope it'll solve

2 minutes ago, abdullsamii said:

I got max 50 to 100 sellers online. BUT my gig is not showing in that. 


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I was facing this issue back in 2023, and found a way around it. If you have two internet browser tabs opened, one which is with "Seller Dashboard" page, and you search your gig and filter by "online sellers" in another browser tab, you should see yourself as online! 

Unfortunately, if your other tab is not on "Seller Dashboard" but it's on your profile, or your analyics, most of the time you won't see yourself online. I hope this helps!

My guess on why this is happening, it's because when you go to search your gig, you enter "buyer mode" and exiting "seller mode", which might impact the fact that you're not online "as a seller".


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