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Do you need any help with Python? Or an app?

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Hello! As you may know I'm a python developer with commercial experience.

For a month I've tried to earn here at least 4$ (5$ minus comission).

So I use this topic to seek people who need help with studying Python.

Reply even if you need a desktop app for Windows or if your Windows app needs testing.

Goal of this topic is demonstrating my competiotions.

I can help you with studying if it's about anything of that.

Syntax without using libraries

Standard library (including Tkinter, smtplib (for sending e-mails), and sqlite3)








Web Scraping

Working with Excel

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Hi there. I believe it would be more effective if you write on My Fiverr Gigs category where you could advertise your gigs and ask others to review them.
A side note - I don't know if it is the case but offering academic work on student's behalf is forbidden by Fiverr's ToS.

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