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Most of my Buyers are Repeats, and it's Great

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Hello! This is my first post, and I thought about writing what I've found out on Fiverr thus far for making a descent side-hustle income (last two months were about $500 each total, and this month is already $288, with each month seeming to get even better). 

It has taken a while since I first started Fiverr last year or so, slowly building up, but now it seems what has kept me afloat this whole time is my repeat buyers, and it has made me receive even more gigs from those who would become repeats. They tend to make up the majority of my monthly Fiverr income.

I believe the factors that create repeats are as follows:

1. Honesty. If you need more time, be honest, say why to your client, and don't rush your work. You want the best work given to your client.

2. Friendly banter. I genuinely believe some good ol' friendly chatting with your client can warm them up to you and your personality and make them want to return since they like you as a person. I believe this is also why a good majority of my gigs end in tips. When I am friendly with a client and have a lot of friendly chatter, it more often results in tips. Keep it professional, but going a but into the personal life of you can really open someone up and remind them that you too are another person and not only a service. 

3. Staying truthful about what you can and can't do. Why do something you can't and fail and then get a poor review? It isn't all about current income, it is also important to consider long term effects of someone disliking something you tried on the spot and acted like you could do. I recommend keeping some friends on Fiverr associated to your gig so that you can create a good network with your clients by also helping them with related services. For instance, as a book cover designer, I never lie and say I can format or edit, instead I have an editing and formatting friend with professional experience I trust my clients with when they ask if I provide these services, and in return the friend sends people who need my services my way. I often will have a client that needs a cover AND also editing, so I do my part, then send them to my trusted friend, which also grows the trust between my client and I since they know they can ask me for trustworthy advice and help. 

4. Establishing discounts for repeat guests. It doesn't have to be a crazy discount, but maybe like 1/5 or so off the normal price. It is greatly appreciated by a customer and may make them more likely to return. Even having discounts for bundles of your work can be useful, like me bundling several covers at once for a lower price. Discounts show that you care for the customer's wallet, so you will make more overall as they stay with you for your consideration.

5. Response time. You want to stay as close as possible to the one hour response time mark. If you have great and swift communications at every moment of your processes, a client is more likely to return since they know you are constantly active and won't fear you leaving the site or having trouble getting back with you later. 

I apologize if anything is too obvious! Even if so, can definitely benefit to remember. First post ever, so I figured I would share my observations!

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Hello! I am here to make what I think is a potentially helpful tips post! 

Here are some of my observations on what works very well to advertise for yourself in a way that creates more buyers! 

1. Promoted Gigs. Yes, this does work, at least for the gig I have that can use it. I recommend staying up to date with the amount you have to pay per click to beat competitors to the advertisement space and remain relevant. Last month, I paid roughly $10 in all, and I received (after Fiverr percentage) $76. It is a profit, for sure, and it can even land you a regular! 

2. Buyer Requests. Definitely make use of the buyer requests tab under the "More" tab on your account. This is where a lot of early buyers will come from. You are putting yourself out there for people to choose you, so be careful and choose jobs right that you think you can accomplish, don't have too much competition, and really fit your style. If you are just starting on Fiverr, know the buyers request tab is most active for only a few heartbeats at random times around midnight to three o' clock or so based on my observations then. You may want to sacrifice some rest for getting requests out in these early stages of selling. 

3. Social Media. It definitely never hurts to post your gigs on social media, especially if you have a large following or a supportive family. I definitely urge to even make an account you grow specifically for your work! You can build up your cliental not only on Fiverr this way! If you're lucky, you may even have thankful clients post your gig on their pages, which has happened for me before! 

4. Adding Proper Tags. Even putting proper tags on your gig can really act as an advertisement in many ways. If you tag well and make a catchy and detailed (but not too detailed or cluttered) gig title, then people can more easily find you! I recommend looking at other similar gigs and drawing inspiration (not copying) from them! 

That is all for now! Hope this helps someone! I try to be detailed in hopes this gets to someone who needs it!

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19 hours ago, graphics_cave said:

Stop cluttering by posting "Great Share" "Great" "Nice" "Thanks" etc.

There are react buttons to express your reactions. 


I honestly think it is more positive and shows more care than just a reaction! I find nothing wrong with positivity. It IS clutter to complain about someone just being positive, however, in my opinion, as it adds nothing but negativity to the forum. 

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 @harbingerdesignI appreciate your opinion. But there this topic could have different statement, opinion from different people. And might be posted here. Even people are posting their statement/opinion. Those "great" "nice" "thanks" comments may create clutter to get the formative statement/opinion regarding the topic.

"I'm not saying this is prohibited, But it creates clutter"

When we do have another option to express out reaction, Then why don't we proper use of that!

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