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I have not been able to get any buyer for months

Guest daisy_scribbler

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Guest daisy_scribbler

I haven't been trying to get my first order through buyer request for months now but it seems it's not working. Can you please help me check out my gigs and see if there's anything left out, or maybe there's something affecting the impression.


Thanks. Please don't forget to share your advice when you're done viewing the gigs.


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22 minutes ago, dxeralam said:

please be patient. 

Bad advice.  Please don't spam with this kind of answer.

No matter how patient we are.., IF THE GIGS IS BAD..,  SELLER won't get any order.



About your gigs.

1. For someone who is offering article.., your gigs descriptions is not good. Please fix the bullet point.

and some of the sentence feel strange..., like a amateur writer.

2. All of your other thumbnail is not attractive enough. WRONG CHOICE of FONT and COLOR.

3. Other GIGS Description is little? Before ordering, Buyer tend to check your profiles and your other GIGS. They want to know if you are genuine - professional.

4. NO FAQS (FAQ is important!!!)


Overall.., i suggest you to learn from Fiverr Course.

There is 1 free good course Fiverr provided us:



Wish you luck,





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