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About getting order from fiverr


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Stop doing social media. It's a waste of time. Spend that time and energy on improving your gigs and upping your game. If you're a designer, take a course in design; if you're a musician, work with a coach. Get better every day, and focus your time and energy on that, rather than spamming social media (fun fact: it doesn't work). 

There are many guides in the Tips for Sellers forum. I suggest doing some reading there and doing your research. 99% of your questions have probably been answered thousands of times already by other sellers on the forum. :) 

Here is a direct link to the tips for sellers forum, sorted by the number of replies (since they are usually the most popular guides).


I even see one of my guides on how to rank your gig there. Yey! 

Best of luck! :) 

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