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my withdrawals



Hi, I have applied for payoneer account through fiverr and after few days they were showing me a withdrawn option when ever i was clicking on bank option and there was no other option and when i clicked on that now they are showing that you have withdrawn money but I don't where my money is gone they even don't show me that my fiverr account is attached to any account or not and now,

please me a way how can receive my money back or where it is ?

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If you set up your Payoneer account, you should be able to log in to Payoneer and check if you have received your funds. If not, get in touch with Payoneer customer support, and they might be able to help you. 

If you have the Payoneer option available to you, that means it should be connected to your Fiverr account already. 

You have to set up your Payoneer account in order to transfer the money from them to your own regular bank account. 

I used to use Payoneer before, but I also experienced a withdrawal that ended up in some black hole, so I stopped using it because of that. But try talking to Payoneer about it. You should be able to log in there using the account you set up when you did the whole Payoneer thing for the first time here on Fiverr, if I'm not wrong. :) 

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No i have applied through fiverr but i was not receiving any answer also i applied myself and then said your account is blocked because you have created 2 accounts on onw email, after some times whenever i was clicking on my fiverr bank withdrawn they were showing me a withdrawn option i think if i clicked on it to withdrawn maybe they also show me my payoneer account also and now its just showing there that you have withdrawn amount and have 0 to withdrawn i dont know where my money is gone. this is very sad for now i dont even work with full focus i don't even where my money is. 428 


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