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Are you NEW with 0 ORDERS? THIS might be why!


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Are you sending all your 10 Buyer Requests every day?

Do you stay online 24/7? 

Do you spam post your gigs' links all over the internet?

And yet, you still haven't gotten that first knock, or that first order

Ask yourself the below questions:

How long did it take me to learn these skills?

Did you spend the past few years of your life sharpening your graphic design skills? OR did you just subscribe to Canva Premium because a cool dude on YouTube said so?

Are you someone who's learned how to write blogs in school (or from actual classes, OR spent years learning it....) or do you just put random text through a spinner? 

Do you use google to translate between your language and English (as a translator) or do you actually speak both fluently?

The list could go on - but I hope you've got the point. If your 'job' consists of the answers in bold, you might be in a sticky situation (although you COULD still have a ton of luck, but...) A few years back, maybe even last year, all those things (and, for example, that plug-in for background removal in PS) COULD earn you some cash. Maybe there are still people who are doing well enough with them - because they've entered the industry before YOU. Before the HOARDS of people who thought 'oh, I can do this, too'. 

Now though? You can try, but thousands of others are doing the same thing. You need to be unique and talented to get a decent income out of anything - so why would Fiverr be the same? 

If you've read the rant, here are the actual TIPS

- Study. Learn new skills, do research on areas that interest you. You like Canva but it's not getting you anywhere? Try PS, maybe you can draw decently. Spend the time and money on something people need - and something not everyone can give them.

- Take your time. It won't be easy. Freelancing is often portrayed as this 'dis is how ya earn them quick bucks' kind of thing. It's not. Don't throw your job away - and if you are offered another job while waiting for your gigs to take off, take it.  

- It's not for everyone. No matter what you hear from the 'gurus'.... Freelancing (writing, drawing, singingdancingetc.) is NOT for everyone. And it might not be perfect for you. Don't come in with too-high expectations. 

- No pressure. Don't spend sleepless nights waiting. Sleep, go outside (when possible), live your life. Be open for other opportunities. 


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