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my withdrawals



Hi, I'm freelancer level one I have summited a proposal for Payoneer account but the rejected my proposal after that when i was clicking on bank withdrawal they was showing me the page with the withdrawal even I don't had an account or any bank account I didn't left with any option for withdrawal. I clicked on that and now they showing me that you have withdrawal 429 .

Its very sad for me i have worked hard and now this happened very disappointing  please if someone reading from fiverr please help me 


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I don't know if you're saying you clicked on "Confirm & Withdraw" (or just an earlier option) but if screen above shows the last thing it said ("Withdraw funds - please review your withdrawal details" ) - if you haven't actually clicked "confirm & withdraw" it shouldn't have actually tried to withdraw anything. You could check your current Fiverr balance and see if anything has changed there.

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