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Hello Community

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Hello Community,

First of all, I would like to say thank you to all those buyers who actually give a chance to new sellers like me.

Secondly, today I would like to share with you how to spot potentiality in a new seller.
As you already know, it’s difficult to know how good is the seller without a review. So new sellers really struggle a lot, not only for making the first sale but also to get more sales after the first sale.

Lastly, without any further ado, here are the tips:

The gig description:
You may have seen this over and over again, and you know that a new seller serious about his business will take the time to write an appropriate description. A poor description, or a copy-paste is a sign that the seller only cares about your money and nothing more.

The FAQ:
New sellers have probably nobody asking them any question. But that does not mean FAQ should be blank. Generally, new sellers would go through the gigs of their related-field TRS. So they would read the FAQ and get an idea of what buyers are looking for. They would then try to gain the buyer’s trust by providing well-crafted answers related to FAQs.

The gig Images and Videos:
This is the most powerful asset for a new seller, so you can be sure they will try to use it to its fullest potential. Personally, I am still working on it (since the design process is not easy task). What I mean is you will experience improvements in the gig images.
It is said that videos are selling more that static images. One good reason about it is that videos ARE investment (either be it in terms of time or energy or money). And videos pass through a ~24h verification process before coming live. So you can be sure that the Fiverr team has reviewed it before approving it.

The seller’s profile:
Most sellers that I went through have a copy-paste like type of description. Not to name anyone but you may encounter somthing like “hello, i am a *** with *** years of experience”. I mean, yes, describing how long has one been in the field is important, but there are many ways to make it original. Additionally, an original description of a seller is a sign that there is creativity, and therefore potential.

The QUALITY of the gigs:
As written above, description and FAQs are essentials, but the overall quality of the gig is also important. A premium package featuring less items than a basic package can be a sign of a scam. But it can also mean that the seller is did not adapt to the platform yet. So you should see some adjustments in the gig after some time. New sellers often rely on the quantity of the gigs to get more ranking and exposure. But be aware that one well-crafted service is worth more than 7 poorly-crafted “I will make money as fast as I can” gigs.

The forum:
Many new sellers are joining the forum. But I think it’s just for the sake of it. In fact, few sellers would really get interested in a discussion or create a quality content. Many would promote their gigs and think that sales are going to boost right away. But, being active on the forum is not a 100% sure metric for spotting potential in new sellers, but it can, depending on how you would rate the posts and comments of that particular seller (some personality traits of the seller could be taken in account). However, you would see professionalism and courtesy in their posts and comments.

That said, I would like to highlight some metrics that could be misleading in concluding if a new sellers has potential or not.
Let’s clarify this, those metrics can be used to consider a new seller, but it is more on a subjective way:

The response time:
Most buyers may be tempted to forget about a seller if he or she replies late. But let me tell you that a new seller may still be busy somewhere else. For exemple, he/she has a job, or he/she is still a student, etc… The response time is not set yet for a seller who has nothing in his inbox so you may feel concerned about the response time. Take it as like you with social media and emails. You may take time to reply all your messages, but that does not necessarily mean that you are not serious or unprofessional.

The promotions:
A lot of new sellers would promote their gigs. For example during this Xmas and New Year period. Promotions are made to generate more sales in a relatively small time period. So generally, poor quality work would do a lot of promotions to get more attention.
I do not say that promotion itself is bad. But I do say that for a buyer, a promotion from a new seller is not a reliable metric to judge if the seller is good or not.

The offers related to buyers request:
A well-crafted offer is a good sign, always. Because it shows that the seller have actually read your request and tailored his answer for you. But that does not make the offer a metric to rate the competence of a seller. Always make sure to go through the description of the gig and the seller profile.

I hope this helps you in finding the new sellers out there who have so much to give to you. If that is the case, please like this post.
If there is anything you would like to comment on in what I said, please post it below, I would be glad to hear your thoughts.
Thank you for reading until the end 😊

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