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Is This Seller Scamming Fiverr?


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Hello to all Sellers - I hope you can help me.

I’m still somewhat new here on Fiverr, yet so far, I’ve encountered several EXCELLENT Sellers. Professional, genuinely committed to delivering quality to the Buyer, polite… and sometimes a good sense of humour as well. 🙂

Today however, I had a strange experience. And I genuinely don’t know what the correct next step should be. I hope you Sellers can advise me on this…

As CEO of a rapidly-growing business, I’ve suddenly found the need to “outsource” a long and varied list of tasks on my “overloaded plate”. Being new to Fiverr, I started out by messaging a list of Sellers who appear to be offering Gigs for the work I need done. And since I have quite a large budget targeted for “outsourcing”, I’ve contacted quite a large list of Sellers… and still am contacting Sellers.

Even with this much “experience”, this is the first time I’ve encountered such a puzzling response from a Seller:

  1. As per usual, I initiated contact with the Seller, requesting further details on their Gig in which I was interested, giving the Seller a short list of Questions to answer.

  2. Rather than simply answering my questions (as ALL previous Sellers have done), this Seller responded by attaching a text file - which contained MULTIPLE ways to contact him. Personal AND Business email address, Cellphone number, Google voice number, s***e address.

    He also instructed: "Call me or connect with me on s***e… I prefer a phone call."

    Keep in mind, this was my FIRST contact with this Seller - I had done no previous business with him, nor had I ever contacted him before.

  3. I responded by politely saying that I would prefer if he’d simply answer my Gig questions by responding to my message (as ALL other Sellers have done).

  4. He responded VERY rudely, saying that I must be trying to take advantage of him because I won’t talk to him in person, and that he doesn’t do business with anyone on Fiverr, unless they agree to let him speak directly to them.

    Given that this Seller has been on Fiverr for 3 YEARS, I assumed that talking directly to a Seller must be allowed - since he claims to have done it MANY times!

  5. Puzzled, I told him outright that it appeared he was violating Fiverr Policy - but that being new, I might be confused on this point. Again, I was being very polite.

  6. Again he responded VERY rudely, saying that we were going to be talking to each other directly “anyways”, since he would be working on the customer’s website.

    This confused me even more, since the work I was requesting does NOT require him to work on any of my websites!??

  7. When I pointed out that talking directly to each other was NOT inevitable… he cut off conversation!

    My Questions:

    A) Isn’t a Seller requesting that a Buyer contact him directly, a CLEAR VIOLATION of Fiverr’s Terms and Conditions?

    B) Given how “pissed off” this Seller became, when I refused to contact him directly - and given his claim that he ONLY does business with Buyers who ALLOW him to speak directly with them - how has he managed to remain a Fiverr Seller for 3 YEARS, if he is indeed engaging in REPEATED violations of Fiverr Policy?

    Keep in mind, I’m new at this. So I’m quite willing to accept that I may be missing something here and making an erroneous conclusion.

    Thank you in advance, to all Sellers who take the time to assist me in this matter. 🙂

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Hey Robert, I’m glad you enjoyed Fiverr so far. Don’t let this make your experience any less enjoyable. 🙂 (Sorry for my English by the way.)

A) Yes, it’s against the TOS and it’s written here several times. Direct contact is not allowed, so if we all followed rules, ALL communication would go only through Fiverr, no mail, no phone, no calls.

B) I’m just guessing here. There are many people who offer things related to websites etc. so even if he wrote his addresses in messages (and not in attached file), the Fiverr “scanner” probably couldn’t find it amongst all the other people. 😕 It gives red warning with anything that reminds of address (mail, site) but they probably don’t check it every time, otherwise half of the Gigs on this site would be deleted already. (E.g. someone offering to bring traffic, or write comments - they need your address, which is not allowed, but the gigs are still out there, so I guess it’s just… somehow ignored?)

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Reply to @ynneblack: Thanks for the quick reply. 🙂

Yes, I’ve seen those little red warnings, having written so many messages to potential Sellers I want to buy from.

But these are usually triggered by mistake, by using “flagged” words in your message.

THIS Seller appears to be in BLATANT violation - and repeatedly! You would think Fiverr would be concerned at having a Seller repeatedly do work “behind their backs” without Fiverr receiving it’s commissions…?

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Hi Robert, I’m really really sorry for your bad experience.

There are no excuses for that seller’s behaviour: please report him to Customer Support immediately, because bad apples must be removed from Fiverr site!!!

I’m a seller and exactly for this reason I can’t see such things 😦

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Hi Mark, thanks for your advice - it’s appreciated. 🙂

Let me also clarify that I don’t consider this to be a “bad experience” but rather, just a Bad Seller. And as I said above, my experience so far has put me in touch with multiple GREAT Sellers - so I think that is more typical of the Sellers to be found here on Fiverr.

As for your recommendation, yes, I am considering contacting Customer Support directly… however, I will wait to allow more Good Sellers (such as yourself) to add their comment here in this thread.

Thanks again, Mark. 🙂

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What level is this seller? Just wondering. I’ve had prospective clients send me text files with contact info but I always just hit the “report” button at the bottom right of the message.

This seller likely reported you if communication was cut off. When you contact CS, you should mention that. Your account can be restricted.

Hope you find a better seller!

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Well, what a strange way to react 🙂

I would definitely say he is in violation, maybe report him if you feel that would help.

I really just wanted to comment on one point. The mention of working on websites, I write web content among other things and there have been many times that I have uploaded straight onto a client website. To date, this has never required me to have a verbal conversation with a client.

The whole thing sound either a little fishy, unprofessional or maybe a combination of both.

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Reply to @aribron: Excellent reply, Aribron.

I was thinking the same thing: Why would working on someone’s website necessitate direct contact? Obviously, it would not.

And even stranger of course, was that the work I described FULLY in my questions to this Seller, did NOT involve his working on any of my existing sites!??

“Fishy” and “Unprofessional”, indeed! 😉

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I am glad you are wise enough to not have fallen for the trick as it does seem a bit like a scam or at the least, rude!

I hope your experience with all of your other sellers makes up for this bad seller.

You are well with in your rights to contact Customer service and send them a screen shot of his request.


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Reply to @cariad: Yet another GOOD Seller, takes the time to advise a Quality Buyer, here on the forum.

Geez, it’s nice to see the helpful Seller comments piling up here. It is proof that MOST Sellers here on Fiverr… are indeed “good guys”. 🙂

In particular Emma/Cariad, thank you for the screenshot suggestion - never would have occurred to me. 😉

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Guest celticmoon

@regency85 Robert, Thank you for opening this thread for discussion! And for quickly realizing this seller was in the wrong on many levels, not least for being rude and a bully. By putting his personal information in the text file, he completely avoided Fiverr’s usual screens.

If you need any help filing a ticket (a report) with customer support, please let us know…we’ll be glad to help! I can only speak for myself, but most Fiverr members I’ve interacted with are very nice, supportive and willing to share their knowledge and experience~ (including all the folks who’ve posted here).

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Guest celticmoon

If you click the CS link (on top or bottom of pages), you can click on an article to read if you want, but to contact CS, click on “Still can’t find an answer?” which opens a new page. Again, more articles to read if you’d like, but upper right corner has a link to “Submit a request”. After that, you can choose from drop-down menus (the “Misc.” option is probably the most fitting) and fill-in boxes to write in your own words in some places on the form. There is a spot to upload a screenshot or other file,too. As you go along, if you’ve never created a CS account (separate from your Fiverr account), you’ll be asked to do so. This confirms the best way to contact you (email). When you’ve submitted a request, you’ll get an automatic email with a confirmation link for you to click, and clicking that gets your report filed with CS. In any future communications with CS about this topic, be sure to include the Ticket number at the top of the email page.

And thanks again for your efforts! I see another thread has opened about both buyers and sellers trying to circumvent Fiverr’s terms. It may not happen often, but I have seen people post about being cheated in their transaction after they went off-site with it, and then asking for Fiverr’s help to get their money back! If that weren’t so sad it would be almost laughable~

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Reply to @celticmoon: …but upper right corner has a link to “Submit a request”.

I missed that - thanks.

Thanks also for letting me know that: …if you’ve never created a CS account (separate from your Fiverr account), you’ll be asked to do so.

And finally: If that weren’t so sad it would be almost laughable.

But expected, given you’re dealing with “cheaters”. 😉

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Hello Robert,

I am sorry I am a bit “late” to your post.

From your question I believe you weren’t asking what to do now as nothing effectively happened to you, however you’re asking what right/wrong was the entire situation - correct me if I am wrong.

So firstly: Any contact information given by the seller to the buyer or vice versa is against the Fiverr policy. This will effect both accounts either by the loss of the level status or simply by terminating the account. So what you did was entirely correct. - By not using that seller.

If Fiverr finds out that the seller has been doing this for a year straight I can imagine instant account termination however I am not a fiverr agent so I can’t say.

I offer chat sessions for businesses as well as for my gigs, during those sessions fiverr doesn’t know if I am exchanging information, however I have a good background and I am never working outside of fiverr with clients I get from fiverr, it’s just only right that fiverr gets 20% of my profit. They got me the clients. They have the resources available here.

I don’t want to keep this long however it seems you really want a clear explanation. So I will:

  1. Yes, that is as usual.

  2. Firstly, no (normal) seller would attach a file upon being contacted - that just does not make any sense.

  3. Ok, but that is implying that you would contact him after. That shouldn’t happen at all.

  4. Rudely, that is not the way to go when messaging a buyer. A seller must always be polite. Another Lup. This also means he is using fiverr to get clients yet fiverr is losing out on it. That is not just going against fiverr but that’s just saying that I don’t care that fiverr got me these clients.

  5. Let me reconfirm, no you were entirely correct in fact that is going against a very solid point which fiverr maintains all the time.

  6. Well I offer website services, I do not require any contact information at all. I would have a 1 hour chat just to get a clear picture of what my client needs but once we both have the vision, no contact information is required if you do it right.

  7. Ok, that shows who he is… Do you feel bad now that you’re not working with him? All I can say is that he lost out a great (as I can see 🙂 ) buyer!

    A) I know by now that you know the answer. It is simply: Yes. It is violating it. Requested outside fiverr money is 50% worse - as this really effects your account.

    B) Firstly, just because the account is 3 years old, that doesn’t mean he was selling that long. Secondly, requesting out of fiverr contact for 1 whole year and fiverr did not pick that up just doesn’t make sense. Thirdly, if he was on fiverr for 3 whole tears - he clearly knows fiverr TOS.

    In my opinion I thank you for expressing yourself as I am always seeing sellers frustrations here. I like it when I can read it form a buyers perspective!

    I wish you much luck with your business and many happy years to come.


    🙂 Joe

    The Creative Guys
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Hey Everybody, want a good laugh?

The Bad Seller I described in this thread… the one who you Good Sellers have confirmed is ripping-off Fiverr… came up on the home page of “recommended gigs” tonight.

His gig was at the top because Fiverr says it is “based on your orders”.


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Guest celticmoon

Wow. Just, wow. Another reason we all need to help Fiverr become aware of such blatant disregard for the terms of use. This person is being rewarded by Fiverr for his good sales rate, while at the same time he’s bullying potential buyers and circumventing rules for his own benefit. This guy benefits from Fiverr’s heavy advertising, then he can lead customers off-site to continue working with them without paying Fiverr its percentage. There’s just got to be a special place in Hades for cheaters~ (maybe downhill from Sisyphus, forever pushing his rock uphill to almost the top…where it slips from his grasp and roll down the hill…and over the cheaters?? ~lol~)

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