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why my Gig was removed? I was trying to give the services of web hosting.

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Hi there, I was recently trying to make a gig on web hosting with ssl certificate. and my gig was removed along with a notification to me not to do that again but I'm not understanding why is web hosting services are not allowed on fiverr. I'm really confused because I've heard several times that people were offering services of web hosting and earning through so I also took an step to it. I presented my basic package of gig with "Host your website with domain name" advanced with "Host your website on domain along with ssl certificate" premium with "Host your website with ssl and wordpress customization on domain name". 

So is there any thing wrong in it? I never thought selling services like these fiverr considers it fraudalent or any thing like that. If it is not the service which fiverr allows so there might be tons of other services which fiverr might not allow. I'm not able to understand what's the issue selling services like these. 

Is there any body who can explain and list other services which are not allowed on fiverr (but please with examples)? 

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