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How to improve a Gig ?

Guest logoist_rony

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These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will do brand logo design for your business within 24 hours
In the FAQ section:
"What is stationery design include?" could be "What does stationery design include?" in question 3.
"What is social media kit include?" could be "What does the social media kit include?" in question 4.
".So PNG File is very impotent" could be ". So the PNG File is very important" in answer 5.

And the same in the other gigs where those Q&As are.

In the profile:
"letter head" could be "letterhead"
"So why are you waiting for,Place..." could be "So what are you waiting for? Place..."
In the skills section:
"adobe ilustrator" could be "adobe illustrator"


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