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Repeat business; repeat rewards


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great👍 when buyer get proper output always buy gig again.

unfortunately🙄 i have only some regular customer who buy my gig when they need.

I am keep looking for new buyers form buyer request and there is a lots of fake buyer:classic_sad:.

and i hate when the new seller post a request of background remove all knows he sent fake request but thus new immature Sellers who always have their ready buyer request note send without knowing anything just see background remove send send send😠....

on my god😲 i always feel bad why they do this.

well after some some hard work i found a easiest way to rid of that sellers or fake buyers.

if you wanna find out how i find who is right buyer or who is wrong just checkout this form if made it for who also have trouble like me.


I hope you find something good in this.

have a nice day.

Thank You,

Niki Patel


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