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Repeat business; repeat rewards


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2 hours ago, vickiespencer said:

Wow, I just looked. Knowing the percentage of repeat buyers was interesting to me. Right now mine is 36%. It would be nice to know how that compares to other sellers on Fiverr. 

Hi Vickie! Mine is 37% with 53% earnings from repeat buyers. This analysis is amazing! What other freelance site share this type of detail???? That’s why Fiverr is the Top Dog!! 

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24 minutes ago, lenasemenkova said:

Is the purpose of this page to simply inform me that my buyers are coming back? Because... I know that. The names, the rough percentage, the importance and all that. I thought for a second that those who’d reach a certain threshold would be getting a bonus of some sort. 🙂

I have seen a badge on certain profiles and of course I would love one too! 

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