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Sending link to my company website


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Hey people,

I have a question. I could ask support, but it would take days and I have a request from a buyer today. So my question is:

Can I send a buyer link to my portfolio? I mean, I have a local company here and we have done a lot of projects. The buyer has requested to see my work and I don’t know if it is OK to send him a link to my portfolio page on my company website.

I mean, I will tell him in the private message, that the communcations MUST continue only on fiverr.com and I’m just sending him a link to get familiar with my work. Do you think this will be against the rules?

Well, if he attempts to contact me directly, I don’t think he will like the prices he will get anyway… What I offer here is at least 10 times cheaper than what I charge outside of the platform for the same thing. But still, I have to stick to the rules, so please help me :).

Thanks for your help!

Sheriff’s Note: This is not a Tip for Sellers. Moved to Fiverr FAQs.

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I wouldn’t risk it. Like the person above said, you could make a portfolio. Meanwhile contact CS and ask for permission to use the link since I know they can make exceptions (I hear about instances where they allow s***e communication on gigs that require it if the seller gets in contact with them and asks nicely)

Best of luck and hopefully your client understands the situation!

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