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How do i get buyer?


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I'd suggest that you are not looking at this the proper way. You just started up on fiverr as a video editor. There are already 48.746 video editors who have started up ahead of you. What is special or unique about your gig to make people skip the others and order from you? It's as if you just opened a coffee shop in a town with 48,000 Starbucks already open. Why would anyone skip them to come to you?  Answer that, and you will be on your way. Work on being unique.  

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I want to change the description on one of my Gigs but its flagged as having "illegal characters" Does anyone know why?

Here's the description I'm wanting to change it to

I will help you stay consistent with edited uploads on platforms such as TikTok. I'm affordable with a 5 dollar option as my basic package that gets you three 15 second Tiktok clips!

And I will always get the job done in a timely fashion

I Will

  • Do all work in one sitting if it fits your needs
  • Always try new things if your project needs it
  • Turn your clips from twitch into content or you can submit your own footage

I Won't

  • Do youtube content in the basic package
  • Re-edit already edited footage
  • Edit anything inappropriate (Foul language is ok)

Other Things You Should Know

  • I've been editing for around 2 years and have a good understanding of how to do most effects you may want
  • I use Davinci Resolve as my editing platform
  • I focus on TikTok content but I will edit for Youtube as well

Place your order now!

I've been looking through the forum trying to fix it for about an hour! But its still being flagged as having illegal characters.

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Update: i have no idea how I did it but I brute forced it into working some how, what I do know, is I had one phrase (YouTube specifically) repeated a couple times and that is what made it work, I have no idea what else i did to make it work though 

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