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An error occurred while making a payment, but the money was withdrawn and the order was not accepted!


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Hello. I am using the site for the first time, and alas, this is my first unsuccessful experience. The seller sent me a Custom Offer. I chose the VISA payment method. Entered bank card details. I click pay, the site hangs for 10-20 seconds, and an error appears that there is a problem with the payment. I thought okay, I'll try again. And I see on the phone a message from the bank that the money was withdrawn. 190 dollars went somewhere. I didn't understand anything, well, I think, okay, international payment, I'll wait a bit, maybe it will come. But no. I contacted the seller, explained to him, and asked for advice. He said to contact support. I left a ticket, I have no idea how long to wait and what to submit. The order was not even formed. There is only a screenshot of the error and a payment receipt from the bank. Maybe someone came across a similar thing before, which you can advise. I'm very worried.


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6 minutes ago, exozze said:

I left a ticket, I have no idea how long to wait and what to submit.

They will respond usually within a few hours from my experience.

7 minutes ago, exozze said:

I'm very worried.

Don't worry Fiverr's payment platform is safe. I suggest you contact your bank as well. 

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1 minute ago, exozze said:

It's been 12 hours already, and support hasn't even said a word.

Unfortunately sometimes it does take them up to 2-3 days to reply. 
good thing is that they will for sure solve it for you. 
and again unfortunately it’s a known bug and happens from time to time but support ALWAYS solves it 

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Was there ever a resolution to this issue? I am having the same problem across 4, 5, and even 6 differnt payment methods.

Credit, Debit, and Google Pay all having same error. Tried in Chrome PC browser, and also the Android App...

Any advice or updates? Thx

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