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Appologize for Wrong Forum, Need Advice


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I have had my account open for a couple weeks and business was starting to pick up when Fiverr “Denied” my gig. I am not sure what I did wrong nor have they sent me a message or an email. I contacted customer service and they told me to read the email they sent. They didn’t send it. Yes, checked spam folder, junk, even my deleted box. No message on Fiverr either.

I was providing product reviews, mostly Amazon, but I was legitimately reviewing the products. They were verified purchases only, and I was testing and reviewing them. I did not guarantee 5 stars, just an honest review. I was being ethical and followed the TOS for Fiverr as well as Amazon.

Any advice given would be appreicated. I tried to repost my gig and made it clear of what I am doing but I am under review now. sheesh.

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If you used a photo or logo in the gig image THAT WAS NOT YOURS

(eg Amazon Logo)

If you had words in yoru text that were … misleading.

If you had a VIDEO that did not state “exclusively on fiverr”

…those things would do it.

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