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Tips for Sellers

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Hi, raju

you are welcome here.

To increase your gig impression and click

You should stay online, share your gig social media, eye-catching image, appropriate gig description, send buyer request regularly, etc

Best of luck

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2 hours ago, raju99design said:

How can I increase the impression and click on my gig?

> Gig Marketing

> Blog writing related to your skill & share it in social media

> Active on forum,  learn & share your idea

> Gig SEO with proper guideline

> Gig image should be attractive & informative to look at

> Gig video  should be lucrative

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You will be better off if you follow my tips

  • 1. Create an interesting gig and unique photo.
  • 2. Try to stay active in all time fiverr.
  • 3. Send customer's request every day. Impress your wife by saying something accurate and unique.
  • 4. Share your gig on social media.
  • 5. Stay active in Forum. (this my secret idea)
  • 6. Obey the rules of fever properly.
  • 6. Profession Like profession, take it and stick to fiverr with mind.

Thank you

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