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How I can remove negative rating from my gig.. can anyone tell?

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Wait, what you’re telling is a nonsense.

I mean, there must be something you’re not saying us.

If your buyer asked for a mutual cancellation and you accepted it, no negative feedback could have been written.

Instead if you hit the Force cancellation button, then that feedback is absolutely automatic (given from system, not from your buyer) and there’s no way to remove it (for what I know).

Forced cancellations must be the last resource and must be used only for serious reasons…

There could be some other scenario: your order went too late and the automatic cancellation was placed or, more, you could have delivered an empty gig and so your buyer was allowed to leave a bad feedback.

I’m just guessing 'cause, as I said, there’s something you missed to tell us…

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I’ve just looked at your gig: the two negative feedbacks you have have been automatically placed by system (imho) because you failed to deliver on time.

When the delay becomes too high, buyer can cancel the order and you get the automatic negative…

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