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I can't earn anything because people want to communicate using whatsapp. What should I do?

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This is a follow-up to my previous post about the legality of using the said app.


Now the problem here is either I decline the person (by telling them that it's against the TOS), or they decline me because I (still as of now) does not have the app yet. To be honest with you all, I have never heard or known WhatsApp before I joined Fiverr. I only knew when my first chat came and then I have to look it up. Why not with something more popular platform instead like Facebook Messenger? It's more common. I have never met anyone before with WhatsApp except for those people. I wonder what's in WhatsApp specifically and it's kinda suspicious that that uncommon platform is the one widely chosen by people here.


So, since nothing gets done because of this, I can't earn anything. It sucks that the reason why I'm not earning is not because of skills, but because of the lack of communication. I mean, I did the work. I reached people via buyer requests, they respond to me back, meaning, it worked. Yes, my gigs could use some more improvement, but what matters is that my gig appealed to them. They wouldn't go "Hey, contact me on whatsapp" if they don't feel like my gig contents are good. The problem is that, everyone (aside from the scam person, if you've seen that post of mine) is wanting to communicate on WhatsApp. I could have been earning already if it was only allowed to talk via WhatsApp. This is frustrating. What should I do? I couldn't redirect them to Facebook Messenger either because it's still against the TOS.

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Someone who is trying to get you to communicate outside of Fiverr may be trying to lead you to a place where they can scam you. Fiverr offers financial protection for buyers and sellers, so some scammers know they have to get you off this platform so they can steal from you, whether it's your money or your work. If you want to work on Fiverr, be firm with them and tell them you can communicate with them right here. If they are being stubborn about going somewhere else, it's a huge red flag. Don't trust them. Move on and work with someone else.

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3 hours ago, aronpacino said:

I have never heard or known WhatsApp before I joined Fiverr.

WhatsApp is actually quite popular depending on what country you are in. Just continue doing buyer requests and hopefully a good buyer will come in. Don't deal with those who ask you to communicate outside the platform.

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