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On 8/1/2021 at 11:15 PM, ih_enan said:

Welcome to the Fiverr Community

For getting the 1st success, you have to attract Buyers. As in the initial time there is no possibility to get your gigs on the 1st page. So, initially you can follow these steps:

While you are creating any gig:

  •  Research is the Clue. ...
  •  Think Out of the Box. ...
  •  Importance of having a Healthy Profile. ...
  •  Make a proper Keyword Research. ...
  •  Use Keyword-enriched Title. ...
  •  Add an optimized Gig Video. ...
  •  Use High-Quality Images

After you create your gig:

  • Send quality proposals on regular basis
  • Do gig marketing on those platforms where you think you would manage to get buyers

Every new seller needs this information quite a bit!

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