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Increase PDF Upload Size in Gig Gallery


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Just received level 2 last month. So decided to revamp my gigs and also created new gigs in graphics category. While i was uploading gig images i noticed that the maximum size for the 3 primary images is 5MB. And the size for the two PDF is maximum 2 MB. 

Just a personal thought i think this should be a altered. Almost all 2MB image is great in quality. But to show multiple previous work in a pdf its really very very difficult to keep the size within 2MB.

How do you guys optimize the PDF for your gigs?

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thank you for taking time to reply.
but even if it is for reading we need it in a good quality to showcase graphics work like logo, t-shirt, social media posts. 

moreover I am also facing one more issue. The pdfs when i open them while in my computer or google drive they show very clear and good quality in google chrome. but when they are uploaded in fiverr. there is a kind of blurry effect. That makes the images in my pdf look low quality.

Can we share gig links and pdf view links here? so that you could take a look.


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Guest kamrun_nahar67
14 hours ago, ridwansugi said:

Hi there.

Good questions.

Please note that the PDF you share on Fiverr is for online reading only.


So..., you can make the PDF with smaller resolution. Maybe around 1000 pixel width is enough.



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Fiverr Gig PDf's are quite useful to portray the portfolios within the Gig itself.

Fiverr: High-Quality Gig PDF Sizes


I have been working with Fiverr for about 5 years now. I am also guiding people to do dominate different categories on Fiverr. Here are some of my insights.

Here are some important notes to keep in mind before attaching your Fiverr Gig PDF's.

  1. You can attach maximum 2 Gig Pdf's
  2. Try to keep the Dimension between 1000PX to 1200px in width. And height can be any size.
  3. Try to keep the PDF within 3 to 5 pages at max
  4. If you have many pages try to Compress or Flatten the PDF file to reduce the file size
    - You can use this online tool to FLATTEN your Fiverr Gig PDF ( https://www.sejda.com/flatten-pdf )
    - You can use this online tool to COMPRESS your Fiverr Gig PDF ( https://smallpdf.com/compress-pdf )

You can use Fiverr Gig PDF's to display your portfolios of:

  • Document reports,
  • Visuals of Data,
  • Marketing strategy plans
  • Website
  • Mobile app designs
  • Case studies
  • Visual Graphics works such as logos, illustrations, and any other type of designs
  • AND MANY MORE.....

I hope this comment would help you regarding the common PDF issues in Fiverr.

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