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 Hope you all doing great.

I know it's against the ToS of Fiverr to make multiple gigs that offer the same service.
My question is that can I make multiple gigs that fall in the same sub-category but are different in terms of nature and audiences.
For example, Designing a business card is a sub-category but there are different types of cards like business cards, invitation cards, postcards, or thank you cards. All these types of cards have a different audience to target.
The other example could be background removal in the photo editing category, where we remove the background of a general photo or of a Shopify product. Both have different audiences. So should I make 2 different gigs or 1 gig?

Thank You
Sajid Khan

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Hi. The gigs need to be "different enough".

Offering "perfect business cards" and "beautiful business cards" is not different enough (I can see that you wouldn't consider that, just for other people who might be reading this, as I saw this awfully clutterful approach in my category super often), but you should be safe enough with separate gigs for "business cards" and "invitation cards" for instance.

Two good questions to ask youself to decide such things:

Imagine you're a competitor of yours and look at your gigs. Do you think Fiverr would tell them to scrap one if you complained?

Imagine you're on Fiverr's TRS selection team and look at your gigs all lined up. Would you still consider yourself for the TRS badge, or would it be "meh, that's a bit too borderline to Gig spamming"?

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Good question.

But you can get around it by (using your business card example) offering business cards on glossy stock, business cards on plain stock, one-sided business cards, two-sided business cards, etc.

However, I think you have to also look a bit harder at what service(s) you provide.

If you do provide business cards, I strongly urge you to find something else unless you go the video business card route.

The more you stand out from the crowd, the more you attract a crowd.

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30 minutes ago, sajidkhan4816 said:

my concern is that if I choose same sub-category regardless of services and different targeting audience will Fiverr take action against me?

and that's exactly what comments above were trying to explain. 

Sub categories exist to put services there, and you wouldn't put business cards in content writing just because you already have a gig let's say in flyer design which is the same category as business cards. 

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For business cards, thank you card and post cards you can maintain same gig as you will not offer different prices. And if it is single side or double side designs which you can offer in gig packages. 

Make the title matching to all 3 process and you can market the same gig for all the targeted audiences as it will benefit you much rather than maintaining different gigs and marketing each gigs for different audiences. (Just imagine if you are going for a paid advertisement then which way will more benefit you).


my concern is that if I choose same sub-category regardless of services and different targeting audience will Fiverr take action against me?

Top Rated Sellers are hand picked by the Fiverr Editorial team and Fiver editorial team will not select you for TRS if they found multiple gigs for the same service. Refer the below message which I received.

Hi irshan_cool, we have news about your Seller level
Hi irshan_cool,

After reviewing your profile and Gigs, we’ve decided you will remain at a Level Two status for the time being.

While maintaining the high standards required for this status, we always encourage you to grow and improve. Your account will be evaluated on the 15th of each month, so you can continue on working hard towards earning a promotion.

Here are a few things you can do, to better collaborate with buyers and improve your stats:

1. Review your Gig to make sure it’s accurate, and that you’re offering things you can deliver at a high quality.

2. Make sure you offer only one Gig per unique service. Duplicating your Gig is misleading and won’t benefit your business.

3. Review your pricing and make sure it’s aligned with your offering.

4. Make sure you represent yourself and your skills accurately.

5. Communicate clearly and quickly, both when chatting in the inbox or during orders.

6. Make sure you keep our community safe by following our TOS.

For more information, please view your stats or contact our customer support team.
Good luck,
The Fiverr Team


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