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Why are so many forum links deleted?




When I google a topic related to fiverr google shows me many results from community.fiverr.com/... but when I click on an interesting result all I get is "Sorry! The page you requested does not exist". Why does this happen with almost every result I click on? Am I doing something wrong?


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The entire Fiverr forum recently migrated to a new platform, so old links often will be broken. If the URL starts with [fiverr.forum.com] instead of [community.fiverr.com] then it's an old link. Fortunately, most old links contain the title of the thread, such as https://forum.fiverr.com/t/how-to-get-any-orders-at-all-and-get-more-once-you-have-a-few/502078 

Fortunately, Google is amazing. You can run a search for the title, and use the [site:] option to search within the new forums themselves. (The in-forum search option doesn't work near as well.)


"how-to-get-any-orders-at-all-and-get-more-once-you-have-a-few" site:community.fiverr.com

You can also just copy/paste the title! No need to retype or bother to remove the hyphens. Works just as well. The quotation marks may-or-may-not be needed, though. I've not experimented without them, since I know I'm looking for the exact title. I also don't know how well other search engines work.

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