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I am online 20 hours a day but I can't get orders.

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Because being active 20 hours a day will not get you an order. Consider getting more sleep if what you mean by online 20 hours a day is literally staying awake and waiting for an order. You can try getting work through buyer requests to get some momentum going. 

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2 hours ago, shorot799_khan said:

I want get order. What can I do?

This article is for you some initial directions will help to give, through which yours on the way to receive the first order your success will be easy.

1) Portfolio: The first thing you need to do is create a portfolio of your work. If possible, create a portfolio website and if you can't, upload a sample work and PDF of the work in your gig.

2) Fiber Mobile App: It is very important to stay connected with the buyers all the time. Moreover, if you are online all the time, your chances of getting order will increase. But it is not always possible to be online with a computer. So download the Fiber app on your Android or iPhone and keep it logged in. It will always show you online and you will actually get notifications of any new messages or orders. So you understand how important the Fiber app is.

3) Social Media: Arrange your profile on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc. and share your gigs there, the chances of getting orders will increase.

4) Make more than one gig: Make more than one gig on the subject you are experienced at. In this case, make sure that the gigs are not the same and make an offer very nicely so that the buyer is attracted.

5. Buyer request: You can easily get the order by sending a buyer request.

6. Keyword Research: Choose low competition keywords and put the keywords in the right place.

Thank you!!!!!

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I think you follow those bad advices to stay online as long as possible, again, that's bad advice, do not listen! From my experience, I got most of my orders while I was sleeping, so please stop staying online, you just need to check your phone or email daily.

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You have to create perfect gig with attractive gig image and proper pricing according to the others who are selling same service in this marketplace so that buyers can feel interest to click on your gig. Then you have to send 10 buyer request everyday. After doing these If you stay online I think that will be helpful for you and you will get order. Thanks!

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1. Do your gig marketing on social platform

2. Send buyer request

3. Update your Gig regularly

4. Create eye-catching gig image

I am also a new seller at Fiverr. I recently go 2 order using these method



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