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I have complete my 280th order successfully

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Your post title claims that you completed your 280th order, but your post says that you only completed your 222th order. I’m confused!

Also, the Improve My Gig category is not the right place to share your success. I would suggest moving your post to the My Fiverr Experience category.

Quick Tip: try not to create a post for orders that aren’t really milestones (like 280) because it unnecessarily clutters the Forum. As @jonbaas said, go for the big numbers! 

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1 hour ago, designseller12 said:

I pleased to complete my 222th order successfully and got tip

Your Fiverr profile pages says that you have 275 seller reviews. The title on this forum topic says you've completed your 280th order. Therefore, I question the fact that 98% of all of your orders gained a review. Most other sellers, with as many orders, usually do not have as high a reviewed orders percentage. 

And it is factually impossible for you to have completed a total of 222 orders, when your profile says you have more 53 more reviews than orders (i.e., 275 reviews).

So, if you want us to celebrate with you,  would you be willing to clarify your claims?

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