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I cancelled due to buyer mistakenly ordering my gig. How do I request to not affect my rate?

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I was doing perfectly as a seller. Just achieving 'level one' with perfect reviews.

Then suddenly I received an order from a buyer that didn't have any reviews. He was not completing the requests details either.

On a message, later explained he ordered my gig by mistake. Asked me to cancel.

That affected my rate, I need to get a chance for a review from fiverr because I didn't do anything wrong. I want it to not affect my rate, because I'm a responsible seller and I need to get to improve levels.

What can I do? How can I prevent this buyer on future orders?

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Contact CS, ask them to cancel the order. Tell them that the buyer has ordered by mistake. They *can* cancel it in a way that won’t affect your stats (or fix the stats if the order was already cancelled). Doesn’t mean that they necessarily will but there is a chance. Then block the buyer if you don’t want to deal with them ever again. 

I just had a buyer accepting some custom offer I’ve sent in the beginning of 2017. It was by mistake and I haven’t had any orders from them since early 2017. Who knows what he was doing browsing through the old messages but CS handled the situation pretty quickly. 

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